Opening Fall 2019
Jim Pattison Children's Hospital

Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital

The Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital will open in fall 2019. Located in Saskatoon next to the Royal University Hospital, it will care for patients under 18 years old, and maternal patients. All patient rooms in the 176-bed hospital are private, and designed for families. Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital will have leading-edge equipment and will host ground-breaking research and innovation. 

Hospital Features

  • All patient rooms are single, private rooms and include a sleep space for a caregiver
  • Single-floor maternity, where moms can labour, birth and recover in one room
  • Numerous spaces for families to spend time together outside of the patient room, including a Young Child Play Room, Teen Lounge, outdoor patient play area and more
  • Areas on each floor for families to rest or spend time together outside of the patient’s room, without having to leave the hospital. Fridge, microwave and laundry are part of these rooms 
  • On-site child minding for up to 90 minutes for families receiving care or participating in medical appointments in the hospital
  • Teammates for Kids Child Life Zone, a 2,800 square foot state-of-the-art therapeutic play area for pediatric patients and their families. The Child Life Zone helps children prepare for and understand treatment using age-appropriate tools, such as music, art and play
  • Child Life Specialist Program

Services for Kids

  • 43 NICU rooms (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) rooms with 48 bassinets to accommodate twins
  • 18 PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit) and high-acuity care rooms
  • 45 Pediatric Inpatient Rooms
    • 2 sleep lab rooms for specialized test including sleep studies and seizure monitoring (New Service)
  • Pediatric Outpatients
    • 21 exam rooms
    • Exercise challenge room 
    • Pulmonary function testing lab
    • 6 Day Medicine/Pediatric Oncology spaces
    • Procedure room with 2 recovery bays
  • Children’s Emergency
    • 10 private rooms, with additional dedicated trauma rooms
  • Pediatric Surgery
    • First surgical suites in the province dedicated to children 
    • 3 surgery suites, each with attached space where patients receive anesthesia, allowing parents to stay with their child and provide comfort during this process
    • 1 special procedure/cardiac catheterization lab
    • 12 private recovery rooms

Services for Moms 

  • Largest single room maternal care centre in Canada
    • 49 private Maternal Care rooms for patients to labour, birth and recover without having to move rooms
    • 3 maternal operating rooms
    • 8 Prenatal Inpatient Rooms
  • 8 Maternal Assessment Rooms
  • Maternal Fetal Unit with 3 ultrasound exam rooms and 2 consultation rooms
  • Maternal Outpatient Clinic with 5 exam rooms
Jim Pattison Children's Hospital
Jim Pattison Children's Hospital
Jim Pattison Children's Hospital
Jim Pattison Children's Hospital
Jim Pattison Children's Hospital

Moms & Kids Program in JPCH

The Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital is the first dedicated hospital for children and maternal care in Saskatchewan. The hospital will provide specialized care, conduct research and provide training in Saskatoon, but will reach moms and kids across the province. It is a provincial hospital and will provide care no matter where in the province your home community is. Over time, services will expand and specialized care from Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital will be available in other communities, bringing programs and services closer to you. 

Jim Pattison Children's Hospital
Jim Pattison Children's Hospital
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